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With the holiday season approaching more and more companies and starting early to get that coveted attention. Have you started?

Platforms back off from native shopping

Remember when everyone thought websites were over and all shopping would be done through the then Facebook / Instagram apps? Looks like it just isn’t working. Instagram is backing off its attempts to recreate an in-platform shopping experience.

The app intends to significantly scale back its shopping features, remove the Shop tab and shift away from in-stream commerce.

Why we care: If you intend to sell directly through social media, Live shopping experiences will become the norm, and getting on early could give you the edge.

Who has the most engaging ads?

According to the latest Media Reactions report by Kantar, Amazon wins when it comes to engagement. It makes perfect sense, Amazon isn’t a social network, and most consumers associate Amazon with shopping. So, if you are in eCommerce Amazon would be a good place to run ads.

If Amazon isn’t your thing not to worry, for the third consecutive year running, consumers think TikTok is the most innovative platform.

Handwritten thank you notes work!

The problem with eCommerce is human contact is minimal. A new study shows that a handwritten thank you note increased future customer spending 2x! Luxury brands have been using this technique for a long time. Maybe it’s time you start putting a handwritten notes into your orders to increase that customer lifetime value metric.

Bit Sized News

  • You know how Spotify lets you watch podcasts not just listen to it them? This is becoming the norm in the podcast space.
  • Don’t use “Buy with Prime”. Shopify says the feature places code in your storefront that violates Shopify’s terms of service and removes the platforms ability to protect you from fraudulent data orders and data theft.
  • Looks like Twitter Spaces won’t be a mobile-only feature for much longer. The social network company is adding a Spaces bar to the website as well.

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