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It’s the end of another week and here is your weekly wrap-up. Growth hacks, content formulas, and of course bite-sized news. Let’s get into it.

Selling Gift Cards? Data proves you should be!

Research has just come out stating that people spent 3.6x more on gift cards in Q4 2021 than in 2020.

Why? People are already buying gifts during the holiday period and a gift card saves time and effort.

Simply offering or promoting gift cards more can increase your profits.

Building brand association the Red Bull way.

There is possibly no one better than RedBull when it comes to brand association. In a stunt that may never be topped, Red Bull sent Felix Baumgartner, and Austrian skydiver to the edge of outer space and let him jump.

The jump was live streamed on YouTube attracting 8 million viewers and Baumgartner broke several records, including fosters free fall, highest jump, and the sound barrier (being the first human to do so without a vehicle).

This is brand association at it’s finest. You can’t help but associate Red Bull with extreme sports.

What are you aligning your brand with?

Growth Hack: Content

Struggling to make consistent content? Repose old content even if it didn’t do so well. Only about 20% off your followers have likely seen it, so reposting it gives it a second chance.

Or your could join our 30x content challenge. Click here to join in the fun.

Bit Sized News

  • Local SEO is big when it comes to driving intent based traffic to your website. Here are 10 key steps to ranking higher for Local SEO.
  • Twitter made all links “nofollow” again. If you’ve been using Twitter to build links, have you noticed any change in your rankings yet?
  • It’s time to start planing out your holiday marketing strategies. The second half of the year is full of holidays and shopping events.

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