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Things are heating up with many small establishments rolling out their Black Friday weekend sales before the big event. Great idea because the competition around that weekend is just crazy.

In-app scheduling finally coming to Instagram

Finally! It’s like they have worked out that listening to the users is a smart way of adding new features. Testing has begun and it’s going to allow you to schedule as far as 75 days out.

This is something we’ve been wanting to see for a long time but is it a little too late? You can already schedule from the Meta Business Suite and given we are no longer in a single platform or Instagram-first social network world anymore will it be of use? Only time will tell.

In other Instagram news, you can now add music to posts. Yes, not Reels but image posts. Flashbacks of the Myspace era??

YouTube Shorts keeps pushing

This could be a problem for TikTok, but for the millions that use their big flat-screen TVs to watch YouTube (Like this writer does) shorts are coming, and they aren’t waiting around. YouTube says shorts are coming to a big-screen TV near you in the coming weeks.

Why we care: Basically, this means more eyeballs on your Shorts.

Bite Sized News

  • Google predicts a long holiday shopping season that will start earlier than usual.
  • Do you plan your content out a month in advance?
  • eBay is turning back the clock. It’s announced it will only advertise second-hand or refurbished items this holiday season. Thrifting anyone?
  • Share your thoughts. In addition to Music on your Instagram posts, you can now share a 24hr thought using text. It’s like the love child of Stories and Tweets.

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