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marketrnotes is an exciting way to help you grow your business. Making marketing easy, you can finally focus on the stuff you really like to do.

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Want to chat to industry leaders? Stay tuned. We are currently building a community of like minded business builders so you can interact with and learn from each other.


marketrnotes is an exciting way to help you grow your business. Making marketing easy, you can finally focus on the stuff you really like to do. Cancel at any time. No contracts.


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What is marketrnotes?

It’s a premium publication for business growers, solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Medium Businesses who are going at it alone or have a team in-house that is handling their marketing. We send out 2 emails per week to our community members to highlight proven up-to-date strategies, tips, and news that will make a positive impact on your marketing efforts.

What do you send?

Our emails are sent out on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

The Tuesday email is the actionable strategy email which houses content that you can implement straight away. Some recent ones include, The easiest way to grow your Instagram account in 2022, Facebook Ads vs Google Ads which is better in 2022, and The complete SEO checklist.

Fridays are full of useful upcoming news, tips and content ideas. 

If there is something you want us to write about, then all you have to do is request it and we’ll do our best to work it into our editorial calendar.

We also develop in-depth courses for specific subjects like How to build a multipurpose website, SEO 101, How to build an ecommerce website, and Growing your audience through Youtube. These are just a few that will be released or have been released recently. 

Is it right for my business?

While our emails are geared towards the broad digital marketing landscape, sometimes broad strokes just aren’t enough. That’s why we are building out a community so you can ask questions and get the answers specific to your own needs.

We also run Live Q&A events where you can jump on and ask questions. 

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