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Meta’s Fresh Moves

Meta, is taking significant steps to empower content creators on its platform. With the introduction of Reel A/B testing, creators can fine-tune their content and gain deeper insights into audience preferences.

Additionally, Meta is rolling out a creator-friendly approach, making it easier for individuals to flourish on the platform.

These changes promise a more dynamic content landscape and improved engagement.

TikTok Users are Staying Put

A recent survey revealed that TikTok’s popularity remains steadfast, with a whopping 81% of users planning to spend the same or more time on the app in the coming months.

This demonstrates TikTok’s resilience and continued appeal, making it a vital platform for marketers to consider in their strategies.

Cheers to Small Businesses

As the holiday season approaches, heartening news arrives for small businesses. A substantial 84% of consumers express their willingness to support and shop from small businesses during this festive period.

It’s an excellent opportunity for local businesses to shine and connect with their communities.

Google’s Holiday Sales Boost

Google understands the significance of the holiday season for businesses. To assist advertisers in making the most of this busy time, Google has introduced new display options.

These options include advanced ad formats and placement strategies that aim to increase the visibility of your products and services.

With more dynamic and visually appealing ad placements, you can effectively reach your target audience during the holiday shopping rush.

Threads is making changes:

Threads, the communication app from Instagram, is making noteworthy strides in its evolution. Inspired by some of the best features from X, this development hints at exciting prospects for online interactions.

As Threads adapts to new functionalities on the web, it opens doors to collaborative digital communication.

Expect features that facilitate real-time engagement, group collaborations, and streamlined communication, making it easier for users to connect and share ideas

The Podcast:

After a few false starts the podcast is out and running. Catch the first episode. Before we release it on socials, I thought I would share it with you first.

#1- From Swimwear to Startups.

Bridgette Gale on building an international swimwear brand to transitioning to the tech startup life.

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