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How to make a winning About page.

About pages are among the 10 most visited pages of any website. It’s the place people go to get answers about your brand’s beliefs and values along with getting a sense of who you are.

A brand’s beliefs and values have a significant impact on purchasing decisions, so if you’ve avoided tackling that up until now, it might be worth putting some time into it.

The About page is the place to tell a compelling story about your brand.

5 tips for a winning About page.

  1. Make it easy to find.Make sure it’s easily found. If “About Us” is too vanilla use something like Our Story, Our Journey, Who we are, etc.
  2. Add visuals. Bring your brand to life with photos and videos telling your story.
  3. Don’t worry about SEO. The about page isn’t a search engine magnet. That is not to say you shouldn’t make sure the page is search engine friendly and you’ve used the appropriate schema.
  4. Add a call to action.This is the perfect page to drop a lead magnet or a premium offer. If they’ve read your About page they’re interested.

Are you experiencing bracketing?

This is an e-commerce issue but it’s a practice that sees a consumer ordering variations of the same item, keeping the one that fits, and then returning the others. 63% of consumers have reported bracketing this year!

It’s an expensive nightmare for e-commerce brands. You’ve got logistic issues getting items back via carriers, investment in packaging, and removing stock from the store that could have been sold.

What can you do about it?

It’s a tough problem with no clear-cut solution. If you remove free shipping and returns, taking away the convince you could potentially hurt sales as you fall behind competitors.

Some reports have found that if you offer detailed size charts, and measurements, along with honest customer reviews can prevent or drastically reduce bracketing.

Also implementing innovative technologies such as AR (augmented reality) allows customers to virtually try on and visualize what this looks like.

Bite Sized News

  • Backlinks don’t carry as much weight anymore according to Google. “Backlinks as a ranking signal is a lot less significant than before.” There are “hundreds of robust ranking signals” you should focus on instead. Things like user experience and helpful content spring to mind.
  • Still on Google, it seems reviews with 100+ words tend to stay on top of a listing longer. The only problem with that is most wordy reviews are negative.
  • iAds? It’s becoming more evident that Apple wants to be an ad company. First by laying the groundwork for a competitive advantage with app tracking transparency, then by adding several additional ad locations. Nicely done.

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