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Amazon realises it’s been money on the table and starts testing email marketing capabilities for merchants, Instagram’s copycat strategy just isn’t working and Volvo made something exciting for a change.

Amazon allows merchants to access email marketing tools

Amazon unveiled a plan to broaden email-marketing capabilities for merchants using their Amazon Customer Engagement tool. The program called “Tailored Audiences” is currently in beta testing and won’t allow merchants to access customer contact info for their own purposes but they have realised that email is an important selling tool.

Why we care: The fact that Amazon has realised it’s been leaving money on the table by not utilising email marketing for its merchants should prompt you to start thinking if you are using email effectively or even at all.

The Copycat strategy isn’t working

Things are getting worse for Reels.

Overall engagement is down 13.6%.

Instagram users are spending 17.6m hours a day watching Reels where as Tiktok users are spending 197.8m hours a day.

To rub salt in the wounds a third of Reels content is made on other platforms, and usually, that’s on TikTok.

Why we care: It’s not the last we’ll hear of the TikTok vs Reels debate however the stats are stacking up in TikTok’s favour more and more. If you’re still on the “TikTok is just for teens doing trends and dances” side of the fence or you any of the other reasons that get passed around yet you are making Reels, then just maybe it’s time to give TikTok a go.

Volvo’s New Beat

Volvo is known for creating some of the world’s safest and most reliable cars on the road. The problem with that is safe and reliable are boring to market. Enter Andrew Huang a YouTuber who specializes in making beats out of anything. Here’s the one minute spothe products with Keeley Bumford and the new X-60 Hybrid.

Why we care: Not everyone has an exciting product but with a bit of creativity you can create something that is exciting. Sometimes it just takes looking at it from a difference perspective.

Bit Sized News

  • Shopify is opening a new featured called “Shopify Markets” to help sellers manage overseas sales and related complexities. Useful if you’re shipping overseas.
  • The latest Google Core Update sees traffic already dropping for a lot of websites. This update is supposed to take 2 weeks to roll out. At this point all you can do is wait it out.
  • TikTok Ad spend has risen by 60% in Q2 compared to Google’s 20.5% and Facebook’s 5.6%.

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