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LinkedIn removing inactive accounts

Have you seen a dip in your LinkedIn page follower numbers? Turns out LinkedIn is culling inactive accounts to reflect a more accurate view of your audience.

✉️ X is testing a new option that would allow creators to collect email contacts from their subscribers.

I another move to turn Twitter, sorry I mean ‘X’ into an everything app, it looks like Elon is working on fulfilling a promise made to creators, that followers can ‘opt in’ and share their email addresses with creators they follow for off-platform content.

Imagine that building an audience on a platform that you could easily take off the platform!

💪 Snap finishing off strong

Snapchat is growing 2x faster than Instagram and according to data collected by OnlyAccounts.io is expected to dethrone TikTok and become the fastest-growing social media platform, with a 13.4% user growth in 2023. TikTok is close at 12.7%.

📈 On the subject of TikTok

Sponsored post engagement rates are outpacing YouTube and Instagram. While Instagram is still leading the charge in the profitable Influencer/Content Creator marketing industry, recent reports suggest that TikTok offers brands more bang for their buck, when talking engagement anyway.

Engagement rates per platform:

Instagram 0.23%
YouTube 1.6%
TikTok 5.6%

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