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Here we go, the weekly digital marketing wrap up of what’s happening, what’s changing and what you need to know.

YouTube is helping you identify captivating content

YouTube has just released a feature that will allow you to see which part of a video has been replayed the most by users. Originally this was only available to YouTube Premium subscribers but it’s being rolled out across the platform to all users.

This data is shown on the video allowing both the creator and viewer to see exactly where the most attention is given to a video.

Why we care: More data is always welcomed. Long form video is tough enough so being able to see this data can only make your videos more engaging and in turn boost those watch times.

Snaps courting creators

Snapchats rise from the ashes seems to be continuing. With their first ad product designed to entice creators to the platform. These “mid-roll” ads play in between a creator’s stories and are in beta testing at the moment. This is the first ad-revenue sharing feature to come to the app.

Why we care: The ad landscape is ever changing as people’s attention shift to new platforms it’s important to stay on top of where the audience is going, so your ad dollars can get you the best return possible. Are you testing Snapchat?

SEO: Quick guide to targeting keywords on page.

If you want to rank for a specific keyword/phrase you need it to be at least in these four areas for your best chance.

  1. The URL. https://marketrnotes.com/[keyword-or-phrase-here]/ Most CMS’s (content management systems) auto generate the URL slug from the page title. Changing it to be a bit more descriptive for search engines can make a difference.
  2. The Meta data (that’s your page title, and description). The CMS automatically sets the page title when you create a page but taking the time to go in and make it more descriptive can work. For the meta description (this is shown under the page title in search results) if you leave it blank your CMS will auto populate it however it’s very rarely the best option. Google has been known to show its own title and meta descriptions it pulls from the page but it’s still worth taking the time to craft these.
  3. Your H1 header. The days of keyword stuffing are well behind us so make it natural. Oh, and for fresh players you should only have one H1 header on each page.
  4. Page Copy. Yeah, that’s right, I can’t tell you how many times we do an SEO audit on a site and find out their keywords aren’t in the page copy. Working the keywords/phrases into natural language will be your best bet, and don’t overuse the keyword/phrase in your page copy.

Bit Sized News

  • Instagram is testing a new “Follow” tab to be displayed on your Reels. When we say new, we mean taken from TikTok.
  • Unconfirmed reports that there was a Google Search Algorithm update that happened earlier this week. If you noticed a drop in your rankings that’s probably the reason.
  • TikTok has launched a new feature that makes it easier for brands to team up with small creators.
  • Instagram is rolling out a “follow” button on Reels. Nothing new here, they’ve just taken the idea from TikTok but that is the norm. At least your follower count will get a boost.

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