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We’ve done a bit of work on the styling of the marketrnotes emails. Over the next few weeks, some small other tweaks will be rolled out. There’s also an exciting and fun little challenge in this week’s email which I hope you’ll join me in taking part in, more on that below.


Short-form video isn’t just TikTok and Reels

There’s no doubt short-form video is where it’s at, and in most cases, TikTok and REELs dominate the discussion but there has been a platform that has in most cases flown under the radar when it comes to this type of creative, that is, of course, YouTube Shorts.

Google has announced more than 1.5 billion people watch YouTube Shorts every month. Third-party estimates say TikTok is at 1.6 billion users per month, while Instagram REELs apparently counts 20% of all time spent on the platform by their 2 billion users.

Why we care: YouTube presents an interesting platform. It has inbuilt community aspects, the ability to monetize, and a better way to house long-form video.

YouTube is also treated more as a search engine with people looking for specific types of information much like how they use Google. This coupled with their interest-based recommendation algorithm opens a world of possibility when it comes to your content being discovered.

Here’s a marketing Hack that drives 62% higher conversions

Running ads or thinking about it? Did you know ads with people in them drive a 62% higher conversion rate than ads without people.

It’s called the visual depiction effect, and companies like Apple use it throughout their marketing. The idea is that if you can see yourself using a product, you’re more likely to buy it.

Struggling to make consistent content?

That’s why we created the free 30x Content Challenge.

This challenge is designed to beat procrastination. There is only one winner and that’s you! You aren’t competing with anyone else and have everything to gain from taking the challenge.

The rules are simple:

  1. Post 3 times a day, for 30 days. (If you’re in eCommerce it shouldn’t just be 3 products each day. Don’t cheat yourself).
  2. Only 3 posts per week can be trends.
  3. If you fail start from day 1 again.
  4. Comment on 10 posts per day.

Click here to take part in the challenge, and we’ll send you content tips to help you win!

Bit Sized News

  • Bing is testing a new online marketplace which they claim is “better than Google shopping”.
  • Googles May core update rollout is now complete. How did you end up?
  • Pinterest has rolled out 2 new ad tools for “Idea Pins”.
  • We launched a content challenge to help you create a good habit, which will serve you well for years to come. Click here to take part in the challenge. It will be fun.

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