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It’s the end of another week and here is your weekly wrap-up. Growth hacks, content formulas, and of course bite-sized news. Let’s get into it.

Shopping is coming to YouTube.

Shopify and YouTube are partnering up. Google has just announced a Shopify integration for YouTube that lets you feature your store on your channel.

Over on YouTube, it’s looking more like an e-commerce channel with a “Shopping” tab and “Live Control Room”.

The idea is to help you better manage your tagged products but also take advantage of the live steam shopping experience that gained huge popularity in the past couple of years thanks to lockdowns.

If you’ve been so busy building your Instagram and TikTok following it might be time to look at the king of all things video as

Fake news alert

Reports were flying around that nearly half of Gen Z use TikTok and Instagram as search engines instead of Google. Turns out these reports were false.

While there have been great advancements in platform search on Instagram and TikTok they are still nowhere near taking the crown off Google.

Growth Hack: Simplification

Over simplify things for your audience. Bad marketers think the general public love details. Keep things short, sweet, and overly simple.

Bit Sized News

  • Snapchat has rolled out a desktop version. Currently, it’s only available to Snapchat+ subscribers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Users are threatening brands with one-star Google reviews if they don’t send them gift cards. Luckily Google has already set up a system for dismissing these threats.
  • Google says there is an ongoing issue causing reporting delays for Google Ads and Analytics.
  • There are new calls to ban TikTok in Australia, due to a report concluding that it’s collecting too much data on its users.

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