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It’s the end of the week and it’s time for the weekly wrap up. You can view this over on the new marketrnotes website if you wish.

Shipping and returns info now visible

Google is now showing shipping and return information in the search results.

If you want your details to show up then you should include structured data markup. This feature is currently available in the US but with it expanding to more countries soon it’s best to have this setup.

Why we care:With the information being put on display, we’ll see a larger click-through rate for those that offer up that information.

Ecomm sites live and die by their shipping and return policies.-Tristan Jud

AI-powered search engine?

The talk of 2023 has to be AI. With Chat GPT being integrated into BING we’ve seen the needle move toward Microsoft’s search engine. Google’s response? To build their own completely AI-powered search engine that will anticipate what users want and offer a more personalised experience.

Timing is everything and this new search engine is a while away, Google is also focusing on its existing engine with AI-powered features.

Why we care: Search is changing, and brand will play a bigger part in your success over the coming years.

Instagram is letting you use more links

Instagram has said you can now put up to 5 links in your bio.

You can reorder them and change their titles. If you add more than one link, anyone visiting your profile will still have to click through a “[Your first link] and 1 other” message to see the list of links.

Is this the death of services like Linktree?

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