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We needed a break and got Retro

Over the past couple of years brands like New Balance, Vacation, Amélie Pichard, and Aimé Leon Dore have embraced the retro ad style of the 80s. This style consists of a simple background and a serif font (typically Garamond).

Why? Two reasons. It could be part of the nostalgia marketing trend that’s happening as people cope with the issues of today or, we have finally reached the limit of “start-up” sans-serif fonts and millennial pink.

No brand takes on the 80s vibe as much as, online radio station, Poolsuite, which would have to be the most old-school-looking website on the internet today. It’s worth a look!

Why we care: It’s fun, it’s different and everything has been looking the same for some time now. Jumping on it early can set you apart from everyone else.

TikTok’s new ad product lets brands crowdsource content

Reaching out to influencers and creators is a time-consuming practice. TikTok is tackling that with their new ad product allowing brands to share a brief with the platform’s creator community, who can then produce videos for the brands to turn into ads in exchange for payment via TikTok’s ad revenue share program.

Why we care: Potentially this will make it easier to find new creators.

SEO: The science of ranking on Google.

Blogging and SEO go hand in hand. Think of it as more of an expanded social post. Something you couldn’t fit in your 30-second video, but you also wanted it to be searchable.

There are two types of content people use Google for, Informational and Transactional. Let’s look at specialty coffee roasters, shall we?

Informational content would look like this: What level of grind should I use, how to make espresso, how to make a cappuccino, how to froth milk.

Transactional content would look like this: Best Coffee Machines, Best Coffee Beans, Best Accessories.

You can switch these out for your own products and services.

How do you go about writing these? The two types of content are written the same.

  1. Start with your target keyword in your URL
  2. Then place it in your H1 and Title.
  3. Write your description and introduction which will include your target keyword.
  4. Now craft a H2 Title in the form of a question, (i.e. what are the best coffee beans for espresso?).
  5. Then list out your products. Linking to internal pages where applicable.

Follow this simple framework and you’ll be ranking in no time.

Bit Sized News

  • TikTok has launched a new integration with WooCommerce allowing merchants to synchronize their store catalog with their profile.
  • Instagram has announced “Instagram Sans” a new font they have developed with language specialists. Will it get your posts and ads more engagement? Time will tell.
  • Amazon has opened its first brick-and-mortar clothing store called Amazon Style. Located in Glendale California.

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