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It’s the end of another week and here is your weekly wrap-up. Growth hacks, content formulas, and of course bite-sized news. Let’s get into it.

How DTC brands are increasing their ROAS.

Is your return on ad spend (ROAS) looking a bit sad? Theirs a simple strategy that can increase your ROAS by up to 25%. It’s first-person data. Take your current customer data, import it into your ad platforms, and use that data to help the platform find your audience.

Is Facebook Back?

Instagram Reels and TikTok videos not getting the views they used to. Try Facebook. Yes, that’s right Facebook Reels is a thing and it’s brought organic reach back to the platform. When was the last time you logged in and posted anything to Facebook, I’m not talking about auto sharing from Instagram but getting on the platform.

How to maximize email conversions this holiday season.

Holiday emails historically have lower open rates because every business is smashing that send button, sending out rapid-fire emails. The good news, holiday emails do have higher conversion rates.

So how can you convince someone to open your email?

  • Include a specific offer. General product emails don’t work here.
  • Spend time on the title. Something like “Our holiday sale is on NOW” isn’t going to convert well.
  • Include free shipping in your subject line. That’s right people still hate paying for shipping.

It’s all about the subject line.

Bit Sized News

  • Pinterest users outspend non-users twice every month. That’s good news for anyone using their eCommerce features.
  • Pay attention to your rankings. Google just released another Quality Raters guideline update which may affect your website.
  • Could Google Analytics become illegal in Europe? There’s a real possibility of this happening. So, if you use GA then this might be the time to start looking for an alternative.

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