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It’s the end of another week and here is your weekly wrap-up. Growth hacks, content formulas, and of course bite-sized news. Let’s get into it.


With new features like

  • No more scroll: Users now have to swipe through video content.
  • Dark Patterns: These are designed to immerse the viewer fully into the content by removing such options as muting and unmuting videos from the user experience.

Instagram is still pushing the TikTokification of the platform. Users aren’t happy, even the Kardashians have weighed in on it with the “Make Instagram, Instagram again.”

Head of the Instagram has responded by saying “more of Instagram will have to become video over time.”

It all comes down to how Gen Z is consuming content. They are more interested in consuming random, relatable content and less interested in close social connections.

While it might not be great for you as a user, if you engage in Influencer marketing this plays in your favor.

Increase email deliverability

Do you have a problem with email deliverability? The easiest way to increase this is by getting user engagement on your emails. That means subscriber, opens, clicks, and replies. This is about your email, not just a blast of information but as a one-to-one conversation.

Consider Video on DTC sites

It’s said you can see up to 8x boost in conversions by shoppers who viewed a brand’s video. Consider putting short-form videos of how a product is used and examples of it being used directly on product pages.

Entertainment-minded users scrolling through their for your pages don’t always have “intent to shop”. However, bringing this type of video content to people who are actively considering your product, gives them an extra nudge to that extra layer of social proof that drives them towards checkout.

So, all those Reels and TikToks you’ve been making should be on your product pages.

Bit Sized News

  • Did you know there are links designed to get penalised by Google? The point is to discredit your website. Keep a watchful eye over your SEO
  • New malware designed to hijack Facebook Business pages is making the rounds.
  • Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown is already in its testing-phase. Officially being rolled out in 2023, the best guess will be around the same time the new ad-supported tier arrives.
  • Twitter is adding hashtags to its communities tab to help with conversation discovery.

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