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It might be close to the end of the year, but there a still a plenty of things happening in the marketing world.

Instagram Influencers, RIP?

We’re wondering if Instagram influencers are all but a thing of the past in light of two VERY intriguing statistics from the same study. According to research conducted by Higher Visibility on the largest producers on all significant platforms,

  • TikTok has a 118% organic reach for marketers compared to just 13.51% on Instagram.
  • TikTok is the primary platform used by an astounding 65% of the greatest online producers in the globe.

Are Instagram Influencers dead? No! But there is without a doubt a lot more money being spent on chasing Tik Tok influencers than Instagram influencers because they now have the most reasonably priced organic reach!

Some good and bad news for Local SEO

Apple has released Business Connect. Allowing businesses to customise how their brand information appears across Apple’s apps. Think Apple Maps! You can change logos, photos, and showcases and invite customers to take action.

All good news.

Now for the bad news coming out of Google. Starting next month Google will no longer allow you to display product pricing if there’s a price range. Not great if you offer a service with a variable price. They aren’t stopping there. Google will also spot support for customer CTA’s saying all landing pages will have a “Visit site” label.

Bite Sized News

  • You can finally see what you want on Twitter. The “For You” and “Following” tabs help you switch between recommended tweets and tweets from users you follow.
  • What will search look like if Microsoft invests $10b in AI software ChatGPT. It might be an interesting year for Bing.
  • As for next month Meta will no longer let advertisers target teenagers based on Gender.

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