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Get the most ROI on your email marketing

Sending promotion email after email is not the best strategy. The best brands treat email as a content channel.

You want your emails to spark curiosity. Don’t just lead with a promotion lead with something interesting. Write some useful content, not just advertising copy. Brainstorm ideas the same as you would for an Instagram or TikTok post. Ask yourself what burning questions, does your audience have. Oh and keep your content short.

What’s this year’s biggest trend?

In short, Ads, which don’t look like ads. This started in late 2022 but the trend will continue to gain momentum through 2023.

With so much ad fatigue around the better strategy for 2023 is to use UGC and other “raw” content with money behind it for distribution. When combined with influencer marketing and paying for distribution to their audience we are seeing some amazing results.

Bite Sized News

  • Instagram has released a feature allowing your profile visitors to flip between your profile picture and your avatar. That fixes the problem of not being able to decide on which one to display.
  • Twitter has released bookmarks, allowing you to save tweets for later without liking them. You’ll be able to see how many people have bookmarked the tweet and the algorithm will count it as a “quiet like” which is great for engagement.
  • Have you used Instagrams “quiet mode”? The feature allows you to turn off notifications and send auto-replies when someone sends you a DM. It’s next-level silent mode for your phone.

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