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Here we go, the weekly digital marketing wrap up of what’s happening, what’s changing and what you need to know.

Unique content is where it’s at

With more content being created everyday by more people, how can you stand out? The answer is “by being you”.

Stop being a poorer version of someone else.”

Those brands and personalities that truly succeed put a part of themselves into their brand and their content. It’s almost impossible for someone to copy and it makes them stand out. The one thing to remember is, people connect with people.

Another Google Privacy Policy update

Again, like most things’ privacy related at the moment; this applies to people in Europe. So, if you are remarketing to people in Europe the listen up. Not remarketing to people in Europe, these privacy reforms are bound to spread throughout the world at some point.

This new update requires you to have additional consent on your website for Google Ads remarketing, conversion tracking and potentially Google Analytics.

Why we care: Letting users opt out of retargeting can have a significant impact on your ad performance. However, note showing the consent pop-up can result in Google penalising you, or even worse banning your ad account

Ecommerce slowing

Have you seen a slight downtrend in your online sales? Don’t worry it’s not just you. Ecommerce was the saviour of the pandemic. When you couldn’t leave your house, you had little to do apart from watch Netflix and shop online. If you remember, we were even encouraged to support as many businesses as possible and one of those ways was buying online.

Cause for alarm? No. It makes perfect sense that now as we start to return to pre pandemic activities online shopping would slow.

Why we care: It’s important to remember that the ecommerce channel of sales isn’t a set and forget space. Now that you have your cafes, studios, boutiques etc… to run again taking up more of your time again, it’s easy to forget how much time you put into your ecommerce efforts while in lock down.

SEO: Boost your traffic with no effort

Following on with our SEO mini-series with this no-effort way to start boosting SEO traffic. Take a look at the titles and headings on your website. Do they include the keywords you want to rank for? If not, update them so they do.

It’s simple but you would be surprised how many of our agency clients overlook this simple tweak.

Bit Sized News

  • NFT’s are coming to Instagram. Artists rejoice! The digital flex is being tested right now.
  • Apple has killed of the iPod product line. RIP Apple iPod. Long live the iPod.
  • The new DJI Mini Pro 3 drone can turn its camera vertical.

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