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Happy Friday! This is the weekly wrap-up.

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Search traffic all over the place this week?

There was a Google Core Update that started to roll out on May 25th. This broad core update targeted all traffic and doesn’t seem to penalize sites but rewards great web pages. If you were hit but this update, then you will need to take a look at your content and see if you can do better.

Why we care: Search traffic is usually intention-based which means higher conversions, so any changes to the position of your site in search results can have a massive effect on your bottom line.

Is BeReal the next TikTok?

The last thing we need is yet another social platform to create content for, but BeReal’s rise has been so significant it’s worth mentioning. Be Real is a photo-sharing app that randomly notifies you to capture an unedited photo no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

The photo is taken with both the front and rear cameras, so you not only see the “photographer” but also what they are shooting.

Not interested, maybe the stats will change your mind. It’s amassed 10.7M global installs, 3.6 million users in April alone.

Why we care: The platform is currently ad-free but with investment money pouring in it won’t be long before an ad product gets released?

Are you using BeReal?

Should you add “near me”

Local SEO is a gold mine for small businesses. Google reports that [shopping near me] queries were up 100% globally year over year.

Adding “near me” to your website through titles, descriptions, and content won’t help. When someone searches “business x near me” Google extracts the “near me” and returns the closest listing(s) based on maps/local listings.

Why we care: Local SEO has proven to be great for small businesses, understanding how “near me” works when queries are delivered is an important part in getting your local SEO strategy firing on all pistons.

Bit Sized News

  • Snapchat is targeting travellers with their new ad format, Dynamic Travel ads help drive conversions for airlines, hotels, local tourism, travel apps, and more. This could be a new revenue stream for travel content creators.
  • The FTC has fined Twitter a huge $250 million for using 2-factor authentication data to improve the targeting of campaigns.

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