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Another week down as we hurtle towards the holiday season. Have you started your marketing prep?

Is Direct Traffic a Google Ranking Factor?

In short, no.

Direct traffic is traffic that gets to your site by typing in your URL directly into the address bar as opposed to finding your site via search or following a link.

It’s not a Google ranking factor because is a very noisy signal which is easy to game. It doesn’t reflect any of the pages or site’s merits.

First Party Cookies for Publishers

Google has announced that it’s expanding its first-party cookies for publishers, allowing you to serve personalised ads with minimal effort.

If given permission Google Ads, Display and Video 360 will use first-party data from users’ interactions on the publisher’s website to create audiences.

The audiences will then help advertisers reach customers in browsers where third-party cookies aren’t allowed.

Why we care: This could help marketers and publishers navigate the ever-growing privacy regulations and improve ROAS.

Bit Sized News

  • TikTok is reportedly looking to compete with Spotify in the music streaming business.
  • Microsoft launches Designer. A potential Canva alternative, it will feature AI test-to-image powered by DALL-E and will be targeting bigger enterprises.
  • Shopify released an app that translates stores into multiple languages so you can connect with international customers.

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