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Google is now testing a new feature that will let its algorithm choose your creative assets. The feature uses machine learning to generate headlines, descriptions, and other assets based on content from your website, keywords, and existing ads.

Why we care: This is just another step forward in Google’s mission to fully automate its advertising process.

While it seems great if you use this feature check your ads to make sure they are accurate.

We aren’t quite at the stage of full automation, but we are getting close. This will put a bigger focus on optimising your content and creative assets to produce the best possible auto-generated ads.

It’s all about the creative.

Facebook is developing “Basic Ads”. To tackle ongoing privacy concerns the new ad product will rely on simple metrics like engagement and video views. Ad reach and its performance will be determined by how engaging it is.

Why we care: This type of ad could increase brand exposure, but it will obviously have less powerful targeting features. As we adapt to working with fewer data, the ad creative and your ability to make an engaging asset will become the most important aspect once again.

Slow vs Fast Ads

We hear it all the time “fast quick ads”, “attention spans are short” you get the picture, but some research has come out that shows slow ads work best to communicate benefits and quality while fast ads are best for features and prices.

The research was published in the International Journal of Advertising.

Why we care: Ad speed/length is a big issue at the moment, and this shines some light on which to craft your ads depending on your message. If you have a benefits and quality-focused message slowing the ad down can play in your favour, if it’s a price-based message then speed it up.

As with all these types of controlled research tests, the real-world application might play out differently due to factors such as audience and creativity so it’s best to watch the results and test often.

Bit Sized News

  • Buy now, pay later comes to Apple. It’s called Apple Pay Later and is only available in the US at this time.
  • A new round of Instagram updates has been rolled out. You can now Pin 3 posts to the top of your profile and REELs length gets extended to 90 seconds.
  • Posting inspiration quotes and success stories on LinkedIn, you might want to switch your strategy. Turns out videos and native documents are what’s working right now.

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