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More ads, that’s Meta’s answer to Instagram’s problems. Try these 5 landing pages to boost conversions.

More ads for Instagram

Meta is introducing two new ad placements for Reels.

After a Reel ends a skippable video ad 4-10 seconds will play automatically. They are also testing image carousel ads, which are horizontally scalable ads containing 2-10 images shown at the bottom of Reels content.

Oh, we aren’t finished yet. Meta is also testing

  • Ads in explore and on public profile feeds.
  • Multi-advertiser ads will let you target high-intent shoppers with suggestions.
  • Augmented reality (AR) ads allow shoppers to try your products out in their surroundings.

Why we care:New ad placements don’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing. While it’s great to test new placements, ad bloat can lead to ad fatigue and push more people away from the platform. Only time will tell.

Want to boost conversions? Try these 5 landing page types.

Here’s a list of a few custom landing pages that could boost your conversions.

  1. The welcome offer – Nothing like a cheeky promo code to nudge the indecisive consumer.
  2. The presale landing page – Warm up visitors with good copy and visuals. Solve a problem then send them on to the order page.
  3. The quiz funnel – Everyone loves a quiz as long as it’s not long and they get something out of it.
  4. The advertorial – This is all about education. Leave the selling for a retargeted ad.
  5. The influencer page – People trust and buy from people.

Bit Sized News

  • You’ll soon be able to attach a combination of images, videos, and GIFs in a single tweet. Looks like Twitter is getting more visual.
  • Multiple links in bio anyone? Instagram is testing the feature to allow users to have more than one clickable link in their bio.
  • BNPL is going offline. By now pay later services like Klarna are creating their own banking-type models releasing BNPL debit cards.

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