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Are those free ad credits worth it? What’re your customers unboxing experience like?

Ad Credits? The good and the bad!

It’s sounds great, ad platforms like Google, TikTok and Snap flick you an email offering you free ad spend but is it worthwhile?

Google recently started offering $100 ad credits to advertisers. Sounds amazing but there’s a condition. You get enrolled in automatically applied recommendations.

Basically, Google will handle the optimisation of your campaigns. Most advertisers opt to avoid this at all costs.

TikTok announced they will hand out $100 ad credits for any small business that spends $50 on their first ad campaign. Again, it sounds great, but it should be noted that without a proper strategy it will hardly move the needle.

Why we care: Handing over control to Google for $100 may see you bleed much more overall. TikTok offering $100 for a $50 spend doesn’t mean it’s money well spent. Without a proper strategy in place, these ad platforms can burn through some serious cash. Ideally having control of your campaign is the best option.

Sending packages? Here are 6 unboxing experiences

  1. Send a handwritten note. There’s nothing more memorable than a handwritten note in this digital world.
  2. Invite customers to post unboxing videos. Did someone say UGC? It’s one of the easiest ways to build word of mouth. Offer to repost on your brand’s socials. People will love it.
  3. Send discount coupons. Discount a little and your customer is likely to spend more.
  4. Share a bio of the person who made the product. You hear this all the time and it’s getting annoying, but the fact is, people, connect with stories. So if you want your customers to bond with your brand let them in on the backstory.
  5. Tell customers where the product has been. Again with stories. Walk customers through your product’s journey. Customers appreciate transparency.
  6. Brand everything. The more effort you put into your packaging the more chance of some valuable UGC out of it.

Why we care: Customer experience is big business. We know that people by from people they know so if you can create an unboxing experience that your customers want to share, you’ll have a good chance of reaching new audiences.

Bite Sized News

  • A new feature on Facebook allows users to make themselves moderators on groups. You might want to disable that.
  • YouTube just released Live Q&A. This feature will allow you to create and manage Q&A sessions during live streams.
  • A fast-fashion Chinese shopping app is gaining some momentum. The app is called Tamo and it got 3.4m downloads in just three months in the US. It’s also the third most downloaded app in the US App store.
  • After the initial-invite only period, Pinterest has made it’s collage-making app, Shuffle, freely available for everyone.

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