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YouTube Shorts just got a bit more interesting, there’s a major shift and someone is hunting down Google. Things are getting interesting.

TikTok continues its push to be a search engine of sorts.

TikTok is testing a new ‘Nearby’ feed that is designed to show local content to users. This isn’t a new concept Snapchat has Snap Map and Instagram recently launched Searchable Map.

Why we care: Local search has always been the domain of Google, but with TikTok’s interest-based algorithm and this new nearby feature the scales might start to move. It’s still in limited testing but if it does roll out to the wider community this is a feature you’ll want to incorporate into your marketing as quickly as possible.

Revenue sharing coming to Shorts.

If there’s one thing that YouTube has done right to stay on top for so long, it’s got to be the revenue sharing model they use. Up until now short form video creators have had to come up with diverse ways to make money from their content. That all changes and YouTube shorts has come to play.

YouTube has just announced a revenue sharing option for Shorts.

Why we care: Despite their best attempts TikTok’s creators struggle to make money from its Creator Fund. Let’s not even touch the Instagram creator fund.

This potentially puts YouTube Shorts on the map in a big way. Suddenly there is a new incentive (apart from vanity metrics) to create content for the platform. That’s good news for marketers and good news for creators.

A shift at the top

Google and Meta are at the top of the mountain when it comes to social media advertising, but new data suggests this duopoly is being challenged.

Meta and Google account for $300B of all forecasted advertising revenue for 2022. Their rivals make up the remaining $100B.

$100B may seem like not much but if you look back four years there was no competing ad channels.

Why we care: A changing ad landscape gives you the opportunity to try new and potentially lucrative channels.

Bit Sized News

  • hmmm ok, so the platform copying continues. It’s not surprise really. This time it’s YouTube Shorts. You can now feature comments in your videos, simply by hitting a button that will turn them into stickers within your Shorts camera.
  • Want your video ad watch time to increase? Use mobile video ads. The latest research shows that mobile video ads offer the highest viewability rates, reaching a staggering 76% or more.

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