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There’s so much to cover this week in the digital marketing landscape. As subject suggests a blast from the past has gotten to the point it’s worth mentioning along with some other tasty tips for your digital marketing efforts. Let’s get straight into the weekly wrap up.

A blast from the past.

Back in 2007 a microblogging platform was born called Tumblr. Skip forward a few years and a few failed acquisitions by the likes of Yahoo and then Verizon, two companies that spell death to any platform it was bought by Automattic (the commercial arm of WordPress) in 2019. Since July 2021 revenue is up 55 percent, yet it’s only seeing around eleven million posts per day. Twitter for comparison see five hundred million posts per day.

So why is Tumblr on the comeback. Gen Z, they make up 61% of new signups. There are a few reasons why Gen Z dig it.

  • It’s not mainstream
  • Chronological feed
  • Open ended nature. They aren’t forcing you to produce certain types of content.

“Is Tumblr back?”, that’s the question everyone is asking. While it’s still exceedingly early days I mean Facebook (Meta) hasn’t started to rip Tumblr off just yet but there is a definite growth that is worth watching.

The play right now is if you have a visual business i.e. creative (photographer, videographer) or even an ecommerce store with decent imagery (not just product on white wall) it could be worthwhile testing the waters.

Google might not like your popups.

Marketers love them, most users hate them. Finding the right balance is key, but is Google taking sides?

Whispers of this popped up more than a year ago but they were just that, whispers. Now some users are reporting getting an email from Google telling them to remove “intrusive interstitials,” which is Google speak for popups. Why? To improve page experience.

No cause for alarm just yet it’s too early to tell. What you can do is make sure you don’t have too many popups. If anything, keep it to one, and that does include those chat popup auto message popups that are everywhere now to grab your attention.

Want better engagement?

The data is in. A recent report from SocialInsider has found that hashtags don’t impact engagement that much. Increasing the number of hashtags on your post can reduce the number of impressions they get.

Spend more time on your content and engaging than worrying about finding the perfect set of hashtags.

Bite Sized News

  • On Instagram you can now have more than 30 characters in the NAME section of your profile. How many times have you been stuck with not knowing what to write in the name section of your bio because of the character limit?
  • Instagram’s algorithm is going to start rewarding original content.

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