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Twitter has a new owner.

It’s been a wild ride but Elon Musk’s $44b takeover deal has closed, and to kick things off a few Execs have already been cut. It’s too early to tell how Musk is planning to change up the app but he has previously provided some details on his plan for the platform which includes, subscriptions, alternative algorithms, and improved data targeting.

Why we care: Twitter has never been great at uncovering content, but just maybe Musk might have a solution to that.

5 Proven Viral Hooks

Titles and Hooks are one of the most important parts of any type of content, whether it be an email or a YouTube video. Here are 5 hooks that are working right now.

  1. Lists titles. These dominate all types of content. 3 ways to [blank]
  2. Call out the beginners. The best camera lenses for beginners in 2022.
  3. Promise to change forever. This will change the way you create content forever.
  4. Play the extremes. The hardest thing content creators go through.
  5. Negativity. 5 mistakes I’ve made as a content creator.

Bite Sized News

  • “Deepfakes” of celebrities have started to appear in ads. Some without the approval of the celebrity.
  • Shutterstock is preparing to start selling AI-generated images made with OpenAI’s DALL-E 2.
  • BING has launched Image Creator. An AI text-to-image generator powered by DALL-E 2. It will be rolling out later this month to “select markets”.
  • TIKTOK has passed Netflix to become the second-most viewed video app in the US. How long can YouTube hold the title?

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